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We are a local family business with 3 Generations currently working in R&SCo at various times. 

All members of the family have built up years of knowledge in various specialist areas that we are pleased to pass on by way of advice on what might work for various applications ; What you can do to adapt our salvaged goods for your requirements; What you can do to create the look and finish you are looking for to ensure you get the best value for money and indeed how you can finish items to save yourselves the cost of us doing it for you.

Of course if you wish to do as little as possible then we can offer our own in-house finishing services to deliver your item exactly as you want it and at very reasonable prices, even to the extent of offering our own team of recommended tradesman to undertake the installation too.

Our latest offer is our Rental service where all our items can be rented for events , set dressing , theatre groups etc. Get in touch to see what we can offer or indeed even manufacture,  bespoke, for your needs.