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We offer w wide range of flooring in both wood and ceramic options. Stocks vary and move swiftly so keep watching and asking. For example current flooring stocks include 3" pitch pine strip flooring , 6 3/4" x 1 " Victorian square edged board , 8" x 1" Georgian Sqaure edged board and even a little 10" Georgian board , all our reclaimed board is genuins floorbaord and NOT resawn reclaimed joists as is popularly sold in yards up and down the country.

Occasionally we have assorted hard woods in and recently that has included maranti amaerican oak and old school bench top mahogany.

We regularly stock parquet and currently have large line blocks in stock as well as some mahogany , recently we have had good stocks of pitch pine and beech that will be repalced as we can.

We offer a range of quality Scandinavian new board from 5" up to 8" and competitive prices for barn covnersions and the like.

On the ceramic front we offer a very costs effective and easy to lay range of cut bricks , we stock quarry tiles and pammets through  from 4-6" , to 8-9" up to 12" in red , buff and black generally. We also have some marble tiling in currently being 12" square with 10yds2 in red and 16yds2 in buff encaustic.

Our largest flooring is a ready supply of reclaimed york flagstones , that we tend to supply to large contracts locally in a random mix including riven and cathedral grades , minimum 1ft square up to 1m square 2"-4" thick. Recent contracts have included local country houses and hotels.